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RNASeq Steinernema carpocapsae

Steinernema carpocapsae - public RNASeq studies


SRP084244: Comparative transcriptomics of Steinernema and Caenorhabditis single embryos reveals gene expression divergence during early embryogenesis

University of California, Irvine

Design: 11 conditions

Condition num. replicates Developmental stage Organism part
1.5-fold 4 1.5-fold whole organism
2-cell 4 2-cell whole organism
2-fold 4 2-fold whole organism
24-44-cell 4 24-44-cell whole organism
4-cell 4 4-cell whole organism
64-78-cell 4 64-78-cell whole organism
8-cell 4 8-cell whole organism
L1 4 L1 whole organism
comma 4 comma whole organism
moving 4 moving whole organism
zygote 4 zygote whole organism

SRP133740: Small RNA and transcriptomic profiles of three isolates (All, Breton, UK1) of Steinernema carpocapsae Infective Juveniles. Warnock et al.

Queens University Belfast

Design: 3 conditions

Condition num. replicates Geographic location Isolate Developmental stage Host Organism part
All 6 USA All Infective Juvenile Various larvae whole organism
Breton 6 Portugal Breton Infective Juvenile Various larvae whole organism
UK1 6 United Kingdom UK1 Infective Juvenile Various larvae whole organism


These studies are available in ENA, and the reads successfully align to our genomes.
They have not been included in our analysis for one of the following reasons:
Failed to meet minimal criteria for differential expression analysis, failure to pass data quality filters, or we were unable to interpret accompanying metadata.

SRP058023: Comparative genomics of Steinernema reveals deeply conserved gene regulatory networks

University of California, Irvine

8 runs in ENA

SRP093685: Activated entomopathogenic nematode infective juveniles release lethal venom proteins

University of California, Irvine

15 runs in ENA