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Ancylostoma ceylanicum

BioProject PRJNA231479 | Data Source Cornell University | Taxonomy ID 53326

About Ancylostoma ceylanicum

The nematode Ancylostoma ceylanicum, or mammalian hookworm, is a parasite that attaches to the intestine of animals - particularly humans and hamsters - causing anaemia in the host. It is a good model for studying human hookworms.

There is 1 alternative genome project for Ancylostoma ceylanicum available in WormBase ParaSite: PRJNA72583

Genome assembly: Acey_2013.11.30.genDNA

The genome was sequenced by collaborating groups at the California Institute of Technology, Cornell University and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, as described by Schwarz et al (2015).

Gene annotation

The gene predictions were made by Cornell University, as described by Schwarz et al (2015).

What can I find? Protein-coding and non-coding genes, splice variants, cDNA and protein sequences, non-coding RNAs.

Comparative genomics

What can I find? Orthologues, paralogues, and gene trees across multiple species.

More information and statistics

Key Publications


AssemblyAcey_2013.11.30.genDNA, GCA_000688135.1
Database VersionWBPS8
Genome Size313,092,710
Data SourceCornell University
Annotation Version2014-05-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes36,687
Gene transcripts65,583

Assembly Statistics

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