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Release Log

Version 10.0 (March 2018)


  • Total: 138 genomes, representing 118 distinct species
  • New species: Diploscapter coronatus (PRJDB3143), Diploscapter pachys (PRJNA280107), Caenorhabditis nigoni (PRJNA384657), Parascaris univalens (PRJNA386823)
  • Updated genomes and annotation for: Ascaris suum (PRJNA62057), Echinococcus canadensis (PRJEB8992), Schistosoma haematobium (PRJNA78265), Pristionchus pacificus (PRJNA12644)
  • WormBase core species updated to release WS263
  • Updated Comparative genomics (orthologs and paralogs)
  • Updated BioMart, BLAST and VEP

Version 9.0 (April 2017)


  • Total: 134 genomes, representing 114 species
  • New species: Ditylenchus destructor (PRJNA312427) and Taenia saginata (PRJNA71493)
  • Additional new assembly for Taenia asiatica (PRJNA299871)
  • WormBase core species updated to release WS258
  • New alternative genome browser (JBrowse) available for all genomes
  • Updated comparative genomics
  • Updated BioMart, BLAST and VEP

Version 8.0 (December 2016)


  • Total: 131 genomes representing 112 species
  • New species: Globodera rostochiensis (PRJEB13504) and Gyrodactylus salaris (PRJNA244375)
  • New higher quality assembly for Heligmosomoides polygyrus (PRJEB15396)
  • WormBase core species updated to release WS256
  • Updated BUSCO scores using version 2 of the software and either the Nematoda or Metazoa lineage as appropriate
  • Updated assembly statistics widget
  • Updated comparative genomics
  • Updated BioMart, BLAST and VEP

Version 7.0 (August 2016)


  • Total: 128 genomes representing 110 species
  • 16 new Trichinella genomes: genomes of 12 Trichinella species, including 5 different strains for T. pseudospiralis
  • New genomes for Echinnococcus granulosus (PRJNA182977), Toxocara canis (PRJNA248777) and Wuchereria bancrofti (PRJNA275548)
  • Updated annotation for Onchocerca ochengi (PRJEB1204)
  • WormBase core species updated to release WS254
  • Macrostomum lignano included in comparative genomics analysis
Genome Browser Annotation
  • New RNASeq tracks for Brugia malayi, Fasciola hepatica and Trichuris muris
  • New variation tracks imported from European Variation Archive for Schistosoma mansoni and Strongyloides ratti
  • Community annotation track for Stronyloides stercolaris
  • CEGMA and BUSCO scores calculated for all genomes
  • Assembly statistics widget on species information page
  • Species list now sortable, searchable and exportable
  • Baseline gene expression from Gene Expression Atlas shown for Schistosoma mansoni

Version 6.0 (April 2016)


Genome Browser Annotation Tools

Version 5.0 (January 2016)


Help and Documentation
  • A comprehesive set of user guides is now available. A link is available at the top right of every WormBase ParaSite page.
RNA-Seq Alignments
  • New alignments added for WormBase core parasites

Version: 4.0 (10th November 2015)


  • Total: 99 genomes representing 90 species
  • WormBase core parasites updated to release WS250
  • Free living nematode genomes for compara, BioMart and BLAST updated to WormBase release WS250
RNA-Seq Alignments Tools
  • Updated comparative genomics
  • Updated BioMart
  • Changes to web interface, based on user feedback

Version: 2.0 (16th March 2015)


  • This release: 8 new genomes
  • Total: 97 genomes representing 89 species
New Genomes Tools

Version: 1.0 (30th September 2014)


  • 82 Species
  • 89 Genomes
  • Genome Browser
  • Comparative Genomics
  • Variant Effect Predictor
  • Raw Data Downloads

Version: 0.1-beta (3rd June 2014)

Limited pre-release demonstration

  • 16 Species
  • 17 Genomes