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Caenorhabditis sinica

BioProject PRJNA194557 | Data Source WormBase | Taxonomy ID 1550068

About Caenorhabditis sinica

Caenorhabditis sinica belongs to the Elegans group in the genus Caenorhabditis, being phylogenetically close to C. briggsae although differing in reproductive mode. The gonochoristic C. sinica displays two significantly larger distal parts of uteri filled with sperms in the female/hermaphroditic gonad than does the androdioecious C. briggsae. C. sinica can be differentiated morphologically from all known Caenorhabditis species within the Elegans group by presenting a uniquely shaped, three-pointed hook structure on the male precloacal lip. C. sinica is found frequently in China.


Database VersionWBPS8
Genome Size131,797,386
Data SourceWormBase
Annotation Version2011-12-Edinburgh

Gene counts

Coding genes34,696
Gene transcripts46,280

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