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Macrostomum lignano

BioProject PRJNA284736 | Data Source Schatz Laboratory | Taxonomy ID 282301

About Macrostomum lignano

Macrostomum lignano is a free-living, hermaphroditic flatworm found as part of the intertidal sand meiofauna of the Adriatic Sea. It has a high regeneration capacity facilitated by neoblasts, the stem cell system of the worm. It was first discovered in 1995 (described as a species in 2005) and since then has been the subject of research in several laboratories. Due to its small size, short generation time, amenability to genetic manipulation and easy maintenance in laboratory conditions, M. lignano has the potential to be a good invertebrate experimental model for stem cell research.

Genome assembly: ML2

The M. lignano genome was sequenced by the Schatz Lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, as described in Waslik et al (2015).

Gene annotation

The gene predictions were made by the Schatz Lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, as described in Waslik et al (2015).

What can I find? Protein-coding and non-coding genes, splice variants, cDNA and protein sequences, non-coding RNAs.

Comparative genomics

What can I find? Orthologues, paralogues, and gene trees across multiple species.

More information and statistics

Key Publications


AssemblyML2, GCA_001188465.1, Feb 2016
Database VersionWBPS8
Genome Size1,040,124,789
Data SourceSchatz Laboratory
Annotation Version2016-02-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes60,534
Gene transcripts60,534

Assembly Statistics

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