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Trichuris muris

BioProject PRJEB126 | Data Source Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute | Taxonomy ID 70415

About Trichuris muris

The nematode Trichuris muris, or murine whipworm, is a gastrointestinal parasite of mice which resides in the caecum and colon and has a direct oral faecal life cycle. It is a remarkably tractable model system for dissecting immune responses and host parasite relationships and is actively being investigated in a number of laboratories worldwide.

Genome Assembly & Annotation


The T. muris reference genome has been sequenced by the Parasite Genomics group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, in collaboration with Richard Grencis (University of Manchester), as described by Foth et al (2014). The assembly represented here corresponds to INSDC assembly TMUE2.2.


The gene predictions were made by the Parasite Genomics group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, as described by Foth et al (2014).

Key Publications

Assembly Statistics

AssemblyTMUE2.2, GCA_000612645.1
Database VersionWBPS10
Genome Size84,405,302
Data SourceWellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Annotation Version2014-05-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes11,004
Gene transcripts11,004

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