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Bradynema listronoti

BioProject PRJNA842945 | Data Source Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (APMS, J-002846) | Taxonomy ID 413010

About Bradynema listronoti

The insect-parasitic nematode, Bradynema listronoti, is known to infect the carrot weevil, Listronotus oregonensis.

Genome Assembly & Annotation


Long and short-read sequencing data was trimmed and filtered based on quality using Guppy (v 6.0.6) and Fastp (v 0.20.1). Long-read sequences were assembled using Flye (2.9-b1768). short-reads were assembled using HASLR (v 0.8a1) assisted by long-reads. These assemblies were merged using Quickmerge (v 0.3), and scaffolded with LINKS (v 1.8.7) The final scaffolded assembly was polished and corrected with Pilon (v 1.23).


The full annotation process is outlined in Ste-Croix et al., (2022). The genome was annotated using BRAKER.

Key Publications

Assembly Statistics

AssemblyAAFC-BrLi-01_v2, GCA_024678965.1
Database VersionWBPS19
Genome Size80,637,718
Data SourceAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada (APMS, J-002846)
Annotation Version2023-10-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes17,886
Gene transcripts18,281

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