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WormBase ParaSite HomeVersion: WBPS19 (WS291)-  Archive: WBPS18

Data Usage and Citations

Unpublished Genomes

Authors using unpublished genomic and other data from WormBase ParaSite are expected to abide by the guidelines of the Fort Lauderdale and Toronto agreements that were designed to promote early access, whilst preserving the rights of data-producers to publish. Based on broadly accepted scientific community standards, the key requirement for third parties planning to perform a large-scale analysis is to contact the owners of the unpublished data (i.e., the principal investigator) prior to undertaking their research, to advise them about their planned analyses.

We strongly urge you to cite WormBase ParaSite but please note that we make available many datasets that are new and unpublished, so contacting the original producers is also expected. These datasets, include systematic genome-wide updates to genomes and annotation.

Published Genomes

Please cite the original paper for the genome publication. A link to this paper will be available on the relevant species information page. Additionally, please remember to cite WormBase ParaSite (see below) if you have used the website or any of the provided tools/downloads.

Citing WormBase ParaSite

Additionally, you are asked to cite WormBase ParaSite if you have used any part of the website or the provided tools/downloads in your research:

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