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Caenorhabditis bovis

BioProject PRJEB34497 | Data Source BANG | Taxonomy ID 2654633

About Caenorhabditis bovis

Caenorhabditis bovis is unusual among the Caenorhabditis genus in being commonly associated with a vertebrate, the species having been isolated several times from the outer auditory canal of Zebu cattle in Eastern Africa. It has been associated with bovine parasitic otitis, though whether C. bovis causes the disease directly remains unclear. C. bovis is also believed to have a phoretic association with the larval stages of the Old World screwworm fly (Chrysomya bezziana), which is itself found in the ears of Zebu cattle.

Genome Assembly & Annotation


This assembly is derived from a pool of individuals sampled from an adult female Zebu at a livestock market in Chwele, Bungoma County, Western Kenya. Oxford Nanopore MinION long reads (generated in a field laboratory in Busia, Western Kenya) were used for the assembly, together with Illumina short reads (generated at the BecA-ILRI Hub in Nairobi, Kenya) for error correction. The assembly is described in full in Stevens et al, 2020.


Protein-coding genes were predicted using BRAKER, using proteins sequences from the nematode-specific EggNOG database as homology evidence.

Key Publications

  • Stevens L, Rooke S, Falzon LC, Machuka EM, Momanyi K, Murungi MK, Njoroge SM, Odinga CO, Ogendo A, Ogola J, Fèvre EM, Blaxter M. The Genome of Caenorhabditis bovis. Curr Biol, 2020;30(6):1023-1031.e4

Assembly Statistics

AssemblyCBOVIS_v1, GCA_902636285.1
Database VersionWBPS19
Genome Size62,726,283
Data SourceBANG
Annotation Version2020-05-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes13,128
Gene transcripts15,308

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