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Caenorhabditis japonica

BioProject PRJNA12591 | Data Source WormBase | Taxonomy ID 281687

About Caenorhabditis japonica

Caenorhabditis japonica is a small, free-living roundworm which appears to be closely-associated with shield, or stink, bugs. Frequently, these insects can be found on cabbage plants and the worms have been reported feeding in the bug's nest on dead eggs and adult bugs. C. japonica has only been isolated on the Japanese islands of Saga and Shikoku. The biology of C. japonica is similar to that of C. elegans with the exception that C. japonica has both male and female adults.

Assembly Statistics

AssemblyC_japonica-7.0.1, GCA_000147155.1
Database VersionWBPS17
Genome Size166,256,191
Data SourceWormBase
Annotation Version282

Gene counts

Coding genes29,935
Non coding genes1,876
Small non coding genes1,875
Long non coding genes1
Gene transcripts38,848

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