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Caenorhabditis tropicalis

BioProject PRJNA53597 | Data Source McDonnell Genome Institute | Taxonomy ID 1561998

About Caenorhabditis tropicalis

Caenorhabditis tropicalis populations are made up of XX protandrous hermaphrodites and X0 males, similar to C. elegans and C. briggsae. C. tropicalis is common in tropical regions.

Assembly Statistics

AssemblyCaenorhabditis_sp11_JU1373-3.0.1, GCA_000186765.1, Oct 2014
Database VersionWBPS18
Genome Size79,321,433
Data SourceMcDonnell Genome Institute
Annotation Version2011-04-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes22,326
Gene transcripts27,721

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