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Cylicocyclus nassatus

BioProject PRJEB63274 | Data Source inrae centre val de loire | Taxonomy ID 53992

About Cylicocyclus nassatus

Cylicocyclus nassatus is the most prevalent and abundant species of the Cyathostomins, a complex of 50 intestinal parasite species that infect horses and wild equids.

Genome Assembly & Annotation


The full assembly process is outlined in Salle et al., (2023). HiFi data was adaptor-trimmed and filtered for low-quality reads. Genome assembly graphs were produced using HiFiasm (v0.16.1). The mitochondrial genome was assembled using the mitoHiFi v2.2 software, feeding quality filtered HiFi reads and the C. nassatus reference mitogenome as a backbone.


The full annotation process is outlined in Salle et al., (2023). Gene annotation was conducted with the EnTAP software, to assign homology information from the EggNOG database, and protein domain information from PFAM and InterPro databases.

Key Publications

Assembly Statistics

AssemblyCylicocyclus_nassatus_INRAE, GCA_958299035.1
Database VersionWBPS19
Genome Size514,686,895
Data Sourceinrae centre val de loire
Annotation Version2023-09-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes22,715
Gene transcripts22,717

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