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Dictyocaulus viviparus

BioProject PRJNA72587 | Data Source McDonnell Genome Institute | Taxonomy ID 29172

About Dictyocaulus viviparus

The nematode Dictyocaulus viviparus, or bovine lungworm, is the cause of parasitic bronchitis in cattle with a world wide distribution in temperate areas. It can also be found in small ruminants (sheep, goats) and deer.

There is 1 alternative genome project for Dictyocaulus viviparus available in WormBase ParaSite: PRJEB5116

Assembly Statistics

AssemblyD_viviparus_9.2.1.ec.pg, GCA_000816705.1
Database VersionWBPS19
Genome Size161,038,511
Data SourceMcDonnell Genome Institute
Annotation Version2014-05-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes13,514
Gene transcripts13,514

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