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WormBase ParaSite HomeVersion: WBPS19 (WS291)-  Archive: WBPS18

Echinococcus oligarthrus

BioProject PRJEB31222 | Data Source IMPAM-UBA-CONICET | Taxonomy ID 6212

About Echinococcus oligarthrus

The cestode Echinococcus oligarthrus occurs in Central and South America, where it causes neotropical echinococcosis. Its definitive hosts are wild neotropical felids (such as ocelots and pumas), with a range of rodents and lagomorphs as intermediate hosts. Reports of human infections are rare, and those that have been reported are in rural farming and indigenous communities.

Genome Assembly & Annotation


The assembly presented here is derived from E. oligarthrus protoscoleces collected from cysts of naturally infected agoutis in IguazĂș National Park, Argentina. Decontaminated Illumina reads were assembled using SPAdes and scaffolded with Chromosomer, as described by Moldanado et al., 2019. This assembly is a scaffolded version of the contigs in GCA_900683695.1.


Gene models were predicted by projection of E. multilocularis CDS sequences, as described in Moldanado et al., 2019.

Key Publications

Assembly Statistics

Database VersionWBPS19
Genome Size86,214,087
Annotation Version2020-05-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes8,243
Gene transcripts8,243

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