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Fasciola gigantica

BioProject PRJNA230515 | Data Source The Genome Institute | Taxonomy ID 46835

About Fasciola gigantica

The trematode Fasciola gigantica is a large liver fluke, found mostly in tropical and subtropical regions. Its defnitive hosts are domestic and wild ruminants, and various species of snail act as intermediate hosts. In humans it causes fascioliasis.

Assembly Statistics

AssemblyF_gigantica_1.0.allpaths, GCA_006461475.1
Database VersionWBPS17
Genome Size1,127,753,889
Data SourceThe Genome Institute
Annotation Version2020-02-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes12,669
Non coding genes1,271
Small non coding genes1,271
Gene transcripts13,940

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