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Schistosoma intercalatum

BioProject PRJEB44434 | Data Source Wellcome Sanger Institute | Taxonomy ID 6187

About Schistosoma intercalatum

Schistosoma intercalatum is a parasitic flatworm that infects humans and causes intestinal schistosomiasis. The parasite is found in parts of western and central Africa. It has a complex life cycle, with freshwater snails acting as intermediate hosts and humans as definitive hosts.

There is 1 alternative strain from this genome project for Schistosoma intercalatum available in WormBase ParaSite: tdSchInte1.1

Assembly Statistics

AssemblytdSchInte2.1, GCA_944470385.2
Database VersionWBPS19
Genome Size382,498,898
Data SourceWellcome Sanger Institute
Annotation Version2022-10-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes10,022
Gene transcripts18,101

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