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Schistosoma rodhaini

BioProject PRJEB44434 | Data Source Wellcome Sanger Institute | Taxonomy ID 6188

About Schistosoma rodhaini

The trematode Schistosoma rodhaini is a parasite of wild rodents in Kenya and South Africa that uses Biomphalaria snails as an intermediate host.

There is 1 alternative strain from this genome project for Schistosoma rodhaini available in WormBase ParaSite: tdSchRodh2.1

Genome Assembly & Annotation


This annotated genome assembly was produced as part of the doctoral thesis of Duncan Berger (Berger, D. (2021). Comparative and population genomic analyses of the parasitic blood flukes (Doctoral thesis)) and, from release 18, replaces an older draft assembly (PRJEB526).

The assembly was generated from PacBio long-read sequencing data and scaffolded using Hi-C.

The source material for genome sequencing was 30 adult female worm, originally obtained from Burundi in 2019, and provided by Christoph Grunau, Jerome Boissier, and Helene Mone from the University of Perpignan. Additional worms from the same collection were used for gene finding.


Gene finding employed a customized pipeline that integrated RNA-Seq, Iso-Seq and homology data. Berger, D. (2021). Comparative and population genomic analyses of the parasitic blood flukes (Doctoral thesis).

Key Publications

Assembly Statistics

AssemblytdSchRodh1.1, GCA_944470415.2
Database VersionWBPS19
Genome Size388,488,086
Data SourceWellcome Sanger Institute
Annotation Version2022-10-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes9,927
Gene transcripts25,042

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