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Steinernema carpocapsae

BioProject PRJNA202318 | Data Source University of California, Irvine | Taxonomy ID 34508

About Steinernema carpocapsae

Steinernema carpocapsae is a parasitic nematode capable of infecting a broad range of insect species. The infective juvenile, which emerges from a depleted host cadaver to seek out a new insect to infect, is the only free-living stage. Infective juveniles tend to be found at the soil surface, and use an ambushing search strategy in which they stand on their tails and attach to a passing insect.

Genome Assembly & Annotation


This genome represents version 1 of the S. carpocapsae assembly, as described in Dillman et al., 2015.


These gene models represent version 1 of the S. carpocapsae annotation, as described in Dillman et al., 2015.

Key Publications

Assembly Statistics

AssemblyS_carpo_v1_submitted, Oct 2014
Database VersionWBPS18
Genome Size86,127,942
Data SourceUniversity of California, Irvine
Annotation Version2014-12-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes28,307
Gene transcripts31,937

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