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RNASeq Onchocerca volvulus

Onchocerca volvulus - public RNASeq studies


ERP001350: Onchocerca volvulus transcriptomics

Wellcome Sanger Institute

Onchocerca volvulus is a filarial nematode parasite of humans, causing Onchocerciasis, or River Blindness, which affects over 37 million people, mainly in Africa. It is a severely debilitating disease, which is transmitted to humans by black fly. This project aims to undertake high-throughput sequencing of Onchocerca volvulus transcriptome for de novo assembly of transcripts. The main objective of this project is to recognize genes expressed in given life stages.

Design: 5 conditions

Condition num. replicates Developmental stage Organism part Sex
Adult female 3 adult whole organism female
Adult male 1 adult whole organism male
L2 1 L2 whole organism
L3 3 L3 whole organism
Microfilariae 2 microfilariae whole organism


These studies are available in ENA, and the reads successfully align to our genomes.
They have not been included in our analysis for one of the following reasons:
Failed to meet minimal criteria for differential expression analysis, failure to pass data quality filters, or we were unable to interpret accompanying metadata.

SRP056861: Onchocerca volvulus Genome sequencing

The Genome Institute