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RNASeq Trichinella pseudospiralis

Trichinella pseudospiralis - public RNASeq studies


SRP140458: Comparative multi-omic analyses of Trichinella Pseudospiralis based on a new genome assembly by long-read sequencing

Agricultural Genomes Institute at Shenzhen

Design: 3 conditions

Condition num. replicates Developmental stage
adult 1 adult
muscle larva 1 muscle larva
newborn larva 1 newborn larva


These studies are available in ENA, and the reads successfully align to our genomes.
We have decided not to include them in our analysis.
Either they failed to meet minimal criteria for inclusion, we've been asked to exclude them for data quality reasons, or we were unable to interpret the metadata.

SRP045246: Annotated genomic assembly for each of the sixteen Trichinella species and genotypes