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Brugia malayi

BioProject PRJNA10729 | Data Source WormBase | Taxonomy ID 6279

About Brugia malayi

The nematode Brugia malayi is a gonochoristic (male-female) filarial parasite, of medical interest because it infects mosquito vectors (Aedes, Anopheles and Culex) and humans, and is phylogenetically representative of other infectious nematodes. Infection of humans by B. malayi causes filariasis, also known as elephantiasis. B. malayi is readily infective in laboratory animals.

Genome Assembly & Annotation


The B.malayi genome was first sequenced at the former TIGR institute and described by Ghedin et al (2007). In 2012 a new genome sequencing, assembly and curation project was conducted on the FR3 strain as a cooperative effort between WormBase and the University of Pittsburgh. An improvement of this assembly by including PacBio and optical mapping data was conducted in 2016, allowing the scaffolding of chromosomes as well as better representation of repetitive regions. This sequenced FR3 strain is available at the Filiarisis Research Reagent Center.

A publication covering the new assembly is in progress, and the consortium reserves itself the right of first publication.


The gene structures are actively curated by WormBase.

Key Publications

  • Ghedin E, Wang S, Spiro D, Caler E, Zhao Q, Crabtree J, Allen JE, Delcher AL, Guiliano DB, Miranda-Saavedra D, Angiuoli SV, Creasy T, Amedeo P, Haas B, El-Sayed NM, Wortman JR, Feldblyum T, Tallon L, Schatz M, Shumway M, Koo H, Salzberg SL, Schobel S, Pertea M, Pop M, White O, Barton GJ, Carlow CK, Crawford MJ, Daub J, Dimmic MW, Estes CF, Foster JM, Ganatra M, Gregory WF, Johnson NM, Jin J, Komuniecki R, Korf I, Kumar S, Laney S, Li BW, Li W, Lindblom TH, Lustigman S, Ma D, Maina CV, Martin DM, McCarter JP, McReynolds L, Mitreva M, Nutman TB, Parkinson J, Peregrín-Alvarez JM, Poole C, Ren Q, Saunders L, Sluder AE, Smith K, Stanke M, Unnasch TR, Ware J, Wei AD, Weil G, Williams DJ, Zhang Y, Williams SA, Fraser-Liggett C, Slatko B, Blaxter ML, Scott AL. Draft genome of the filarial nematode parasite Brugia malayi. Science, 2007;317(5845):1756-1760

Assembly Statistics

AssemblyBmal-4.0, GCA_000002995.5, Dec 2015
Database VersionWBPS19
Genome Size88,235,797
Data SourceWormBase
Annotation Version282

Gene counts

Coding genes10,878
Non coding genes472
Small non coding genes472
Gene transcripts16,814

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