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WormBase ParaSite HomeVersion: WBPS19 (WS291)-  Archive: WBPS18

Caenorhabditis brenneri

BioProject PRJNA20035 | Data Source WormBase | Taxonomy ID 135651

About Caenorhabditis brenneri

Caenorhabditis brenneri is a small, free-living round worm found in decaying plant material throughout the tropics. The worms feed on the bacteria and other micro-organisms associated with plant decay. The biology of C. brenneri is similar to that of C. elegans with a short generation time through four larval stages into an adult. C.brenneri has both male and female adults, unlike the hermaphroditic species such as C. elegans and C. briggsae.

Assembly Statistics

AssemblyC_brenneri-6.0.1b, GCA_000143925.2
Database VersionWBPS19
Genome Size190,369,721
Data SourceWormBase
Annotation Version282

Gene counts

Coding genes30,705
Non coding genes2,172
Small non coding genes2,171
Long non coding genes1
Gene transcripts33,389

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