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Meloidogyne enterolobii

Taxonomy ID 390850

The nematode _ Meloidogyne enterolobii_, a root-knot nematode, infects a variety of crops such as eggplant, bell pepper, soybean, sweet potato, tobacco, tomato, or watermelon. It is able to reproduce on Mi-1 gene carrying crops that are resistant to other root-knot nematodes, making the species a growing economic threat.

Genome Projects

There are 2 genome projects for Meloidogyne enterolobii:

  • PRJEB36431: Meloidogyne enterolobii is a root-knot nematode. It is a polyphagous species, that attacks a wide range of plants. The species is thought to be oneof the most pathogenic and virulent root-knot nematodes. (Strain Swiss)
  • PRJNA340324: University of Hull (Strain L30)