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Nippostrongylus brasiliensis

Taxonomy ID 27835

Strongylid nematode parasites infect the gastrointestinal tracts of both humans and other mammals, causing permanent growth deficits (e.g., for hookworm infections of humans) or outright death (e.g., for Haemonchus contortus infections of sheep). Hookworms infect 170-440 million humans and other strongylids infect farm animals worldwide, making these among the most important parasites. The stronglyid parasite Nippostrongylus brasiliensis naturally infects rats and easily infects laboratory mice, and has an infectious life cycle similar to that of human hookworms, making it an important laboratory model for hookworm disease; accordingly, N. brasiliensis is often called "rat hookworm" or "rodent hookworm".

Genome Projects

There are 2 genome projects for Nippostrongylus brasiliensis: