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Trichuris suis

BioProject PRJNA179528 | Data Source McDonnell Genome Institute | Taxonomy ID 68888

About Trichuris suis

The nematode Trichuris suis, or whipworm, is a parasite of pigs that is found worldwide, but is most prevalent in warm, humid climates. Critical infestations of T. suis may cause acute morbidity and mortality in young female pigs. T. suis has been shown in trials to colonize humans briefly without triggering infections.

There are 2 alternative genome projects for Trichuris suis available in WormBase ParaSite: PRJNA208415 PRJNA208416

Assembly Statistics

AssemblyT_suis_1.0.allpaths, GCA_000797535.1
Database VersionWBPS17
Genome Size63,839,715
Data SourceMcDonnell Genome Institute
Annotation Version2014-05-WormBase

Gene counts

Coding genes9,831
Gene transcripts9,831

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