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Species pages

Each species in WormBase ParaSite has a summary page:

Species page

These pages give information about the species, the source of the genome assembly including any publications and the source of the genome annotation.

The species page gives you the option of searching just within the selected species by using the search box at the top of the page.

Following the 'More information and statistics' link takes you to a page giving more detailed information about the assembly and annotations including genome size and gene and transcript numbers.

The links to example pages for the assembly, such as gene and transcript pages, and also links to the BioProject in the ENA and to a taxonomy database.

Following the Downloadslink takes you to the various files you can download for the assembly. These are:

GENUS_SPECIES.BIOPROJECT.WBPS3.genomic.fa.gz Unmasked genomic DNA FASTA format
GENUS_SPECIES.BIOPROJECT.WBPS3.genomic_masked.fa.gz Hard-masked (repeats replaced with Ns) genomic DNA FASTA format
GENUS_SPECIES.BIOPROJECT.WBPS3.genomic_softmasked.fa.gz Soft-masked (repeats lower-cased) genomic DNA FASTA format
GENUS_SPECIES.BIOPROJECT.WBPS3.proteins.fa.gz Current live protein set FASTA format
GENUS_SPECIES.BIOPROJECT.WBPS3.CDS_transcripts.fa.gz Spliced cDNA sequence for the CDS portion of protein-coding transcripts FASTA format
GENUS_SPECIES.BIOPROJECT.WBPS3.mRNA_transcripts.fa.gz Spliced cDNA sequence for the full-length (with UTRs) protein-coding transcripts FASTA format
GENUS_SPECIES.BIOPROJECT.WBPS3.annotations.gff3.gz Sequence features in GFF3 format