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Transcript pages

The transcript page is the source of information relating to an RNA transcript of a gene. All transcript pages have a header section which summarizes the key information about the transcript:

Transcript page

This includes (top to bottom):

  • Transcript id
  • Short description (where available)
  • Location of the transcript within the genome
  • Additional information about the transcript including number of exons and domains and features
  • Table of all transcripts for the source gene

The menu on the left-hand side allows you navigate through available data:

Transcript page

Available data are:


This is a summary view of the transcript

Splice variants

Displays all known splice variants as a table and in a browser view.


This displays the nucleotide sequence of the gene. Exons are highlighted in pink/red:

Gene page

This page also gives you the option of downloading the sequence in FASTA or RTF formats, or to BLAST the sequence using the WormBase ParaSite BLAST service.

External references

Links to external databases such as EntrezGene and WormBase.


Displays all available Gene Ontology annotation data from the three ontologies: biological process, molecular function and cellular component. Clicking on the 'Chart' icon for a particular term displays a tree view of for that GO term up to the root node, and selecting the Ancestry chart tab shows a tree view for all annotated terms in the selected ontology.

Protein Information

Displays information about the protein product of the transcript. Clicking the Protein Summary link displays a summary image of the protein domains and their location within the full-length protein.

The Domains and Features link displays all protein domains and features for the protein as a table, with links to the originating resource e.g. Panther or Pfam.